Set Wet Cool Styling Gel -100ml


  • hair that is frizzy and unmanageable
  • great hairstyles easily
  • keeps hair fresh and cool
  • suit all hair types
  • perfectly groomed hair that heightens the magnetism of your person
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You are a true adrenaline junkie. You breathe adventure for the thrill of pushing every limit. Challenges are your best friends and you face them in style. You are a great sport and have a bold sense of style. You for sure will stand out in the crowd when you have Set Wet Vertical Hold hair styling gel for men by your side. For SPIKY LOOK try the new and improved Set Wet Vertical Hold men hair styling gel that gives your hair the ultimate spikes.Set Wet Vertical Hold Hair Styling Gel is 100 percent ALCOHOL FREE hair gel for men and contains added Pro-Vitamin B5 water soluble vitamin that moisturizes the hair, keeping it soft, strong and conditioned


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